Khartoum Expo
Khartoum Expo
Number of Visitors
Million over
five years

The total area of the exhibition grounds is about 429,922 square meters. The exhibition area is the main center for the exhibition industry at the regional and international levels and the trade link between Sudan and the rest of the world.
  The Khartoum Expo is located on the left bank of the Blue Nile, only 3 km from the heart of Khartoum and 5 km from Khartoum International Airport.


A range of facilities to meet the needs of diverse activities and thus:

  • Galleries.
  • Conference Center.
  • VIP Hall.
  • The main tourist corridor.
  • External theaters.
  • Restaurants.
  • Media center.
  • Business Center.
  • Public attitudes.
  • Exhibition bins.
  • Loading and unloading area for exhibitions.


  • Organizing international and specialized exhibitions.
  • Manage the exhibition center and create the environment.
  • Conferences and events.
  • Construction of exhibition pavilions.
  • Customs Clearance Services and Technical and Logistics Support.
  • Hotel and tourism.
الخرطوم اكسبو

Location and space

  • Location: – Unique location on the left bank of the Blue Nile.
  • Total area: – 429 thousand square meters.
  • Number of lounges: – 5 lounges.
  • Area: – 14,550 square meters.
  • States tent: – 1,500 square meters.
  • Outline planned: – 10,000 square meters.



  • Design and construction of suites.
  • Electricity and water services.
  • Storage spaces.
  • Parking.
  • Communications and the Internet.
  • A complete network of internal roads.
  • Security, guard and fire unit.
  • A customs area where customs procedures are easy and easy.


  • Increase Company Revenue.
  • Open investment prospects.
  • Activating trade traffic.
  • Promoting Sudanese exports.