Berry Business District
Berry Business District
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Berri Free Zone lies on the left bank of the Blue Nile and is only 3 km from the heart of Khartoum and 5 km from Khartoum International Airport.
The total area of the exhibition is about 429,922 square meters. The exhibition grounds are the main center for the exhibition industry at the regional and international levels and the trade link between Sudan and the rest of the world.

Berri Business Area Objectives

  • Development and promotion of domestic exports.
  • Creating local competition and promoting products and offerings.
  • Opening up prospects for new investment and promotional markets.
  • Developing and updating national products through external contact and transfer of technology.

Berry Business Facilities

A range of facilities specifically designed to meet the needs of diverse activities and thus:

  • Lands.
  • Galleries.
  • Commercial offices.
  • Business Park.
  • Retail outlets.

Berry Business District

  • Strategically located in the capital and close to all utilities.
  • Infrastructure and basic services within it.
  • Indoor and outdoor lounges, large spaces and fixtures.
  • Internal road networks and indoor and outdoor parking.
  • Water, electricity and sanitation systems.
  • Communication and Internet services.

Available land services

  • Exhibition halls.
  • Storage repositories.
  • Logistics.
  • Customs Clearance Services
  • Internal road networks.
  • Water networks.
  • Power grids.
  • Sewage networks.
  • Indoor and outdoor car parking.
  • Communication and Internet services.