Community responsibility

We believe in SFZ that our real success is not only about the efficiency of our financial performance but also our role in the development of the communities in which we operate.


We ensure that the needs of all stakeholders – clients, employees and communities – are our top priorities. We are committed to establishing the principle of community responsibility as one of our key pillars of action.


We have designed our CSR programs to focus on four key themes that will ensure our commitment and commitment to all stakeholders:

  • Workplace.
  • Market.
  • Environment.
  • Community.

Our commitment to community responsibility

                     Place of work:
                    We make the workplace attractive to the employee so that he or she has the desire to work in a favorable environment.
                    We work to reach our customers in their sites or send messages disguised to them with the quality of our goods and services that attract them and link them to our brand.
                    We strive to do our work in all our activities where the environment is always friendly to us
                    We communicate with the communities surrounding our activities by providing services as much as possible that creates a lasting link with this community