gallabat Free zone
gallabat Free zone
Square kilometers

The free zone is located on the Sudanese-Ethiopian border, 163 km south of Gedaref city. The total area of the free zone project is 8.75 square kilometers.
  It is considered one of the most important new projects being carried out by the Sudanese Company for Free Zones and Duty Free Shops.

Objectives of the free-throw zone

  • Linking Sudan commercially and economically with Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.
  • Increase social and economic cohesion among communities in the region.
  • Assistance in the flow of foreign direct investment.
  • Increase business and technical knowledge and global visibility among the population.
  • Increase household and individual income and achieve psychological and social stability.
  • Many workers and beneficiaries settle and change their thinking.
  • Improving the working and civil environment and improving its efficiency.
  • Open new state ports by moving all economic sectors.

Free shuttles facilities

A range of facilities specifically designed to meet the needs of diverse activities and thus:

  • Lands.
  • Galleries.
  • Warehouses.
  • Commercial offices.
  • Business Park.
  • Retail outlets.
  • Residential units.

Characteristics of the free shutters area

The Free Shutters area has the following characteristics:

  • Nature of agricultural and commercial area
  • The availability of agricultural raw materials that can be transformed into transformational industries.
  • Population density in the Horn of Africa.
  • Near the distance with the Ethiopian border and the roads connecting the Horn of Africa countries


Advantages and facilities in the Free Zones Law

  • The right to full ownership of foreign investors.
  • Full freedom to transfer capital and profits.
  • Free foreign exchange
  • Complete exemption from personal income tax for foreigners
  • Business business tax exemption
  • Free goods imported or exported to non-local areas are exempt from customs duties
  • Benefit from the preferential advantage enjoyed by Sudan in COMESA.