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Minister of Industry: International Exhibition is an evidence of Sudan’s emancipation from the economic sanction.

2019 14 Jan | Uncategorized

Minister of Industry and Trade Dr. Mousa Mohammed Karama on the occasion of Khartoum International Fair 36th session on the exhibition grounds in Buri said in a press statement that the organization of the International Exhibition is an evidence of Sudan’s emancipation from the economic sanctions.

The session is scheduled to take place from  21 – 28th  January2019, organized by the Sudanese Free Zones and Markets Co. SFZ amid a wide participation of friendly and sister countries, factories and national companies in addition to a  number of Sudan’s  states.

 The meeting was attended by the State Minister  of Industry and Trade Dr. Abu Al-Bashar Abdul Rahman Yusuf,   SFZ Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Mudathir Abdul Ghani and SFZ  Director General Yusuf Mohammed Karrar .
The Minister of Industry and Trade affirmed SFZ Exhibition is strategic front for the liberation of Sudan from the economic sanctions by promoting the Sudanese industrial, agricultural, commercial, cultural and tourism products.

 The Minister of Industry further added that Sudan has a huge potential economic and trade opportunities that need close coordination. He concluded that    36th session represents a major economic and trade chance aiming to highlight and to promote Sudanese products in regional and international forums.
Meanwhile, the  State Minister Dr. Abul-Bashar  Abdul Rahman Yusuf has praised the  great efforts exerted by  the SFZ  for the  arrangement and preparation for the 36th  session Fair, stressing that the exhibition represents an opportunity to display Sudanese goods and products with preferential features focusing on the importance of intensifying the media doses to define the free zones and free markets philosophy , their objectives, importance, and the need to benefit from regional agreements such as COMESA, the Arab Free Trade  Zone and bilateral relations.

The State Minister of Industry and Trade called on  activating the preferential trade agreements through  SFZ , praising the survey conducted to establish free zones in various states of Sudan.

   On the other hand SFZ Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Modathir Abdul Ghani  confirmed that the aim of the 36th  session of the Fair is to highlight the role of the Sudanese private sector and its relations with the foreign private sector, adding that the exhibition is one of the most important economic events that promotes the Sudanese indigenous products.